Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Not So Quiet Party At My Quiet Life's Pad

Chris rules was the password for entry into the tightly secured apartment complex downtown on Second Avenue... What a beautiful view My Quiet Life had. After meeting the folks last night, however, I think I might recommend to Chris that he change the name of his blog to My Not So Quiet Life. Food for thought.

As we entered the door we were greeted by Chris' lovely fiancee who is quite knowledgeable on her wines. I think I must consult her going forward on good wines. We were greeted as "The Smyrna Bloggers" which is nearly hysterical to me since the other two bloggers I was with, Bad Bad Ivy and Chip Talks, both live in La Vergne.

The room was full of people, all who appeared to be in their late 20's, with the exception of one who looked about 19. Too cute. Before the night had ended, I sent a notebook around for everyone to write down the names of their blogs so I could get it right today and not repeat the same, horrible, mistake that I did recently when mentioning Salem's Lots.

So, I have the list of folks and I'd like to share with those the acquaintences that I made. Of course, there was Aunt B. She does seemt to be quite the social butterfly but I was so saddened to see her leave so early and was a bit let down that the Butcher did not come with.

Then there was the very handsome and married Newton Dominey. Newton is only one degree away from Bruce Springsteen if memory serves. Newton, please do correct me if I am wrong. Newton has a site apart from a blog which allows him to promote his musical skills. It would seem that he is a skilled musician with a number of talents. He is a singer, drummer and guitarist in Nashville. He plays the local clubs. I'm really interested in helping him with optimization so that he can be number one in the search engines for the keyword phrase "Musicians in Nashville".

I also had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Jamie (name is a bit difficult to remember). Her blog's name is About to be Brilliant, which I think is the story our all our lives and how we feel every day. My experience with Jamie introduced me to the word Twat Waffle. Contain yourself.

Now we turn to Becca. Though we did not get to speak as much as I did with the others, I did learn that she has a blog with crazy eyed dogs on it.

Then there was this guy who looked like Ben Folds and claimed not to have a blog but rumor has it that he does. Perhaps he was not too quick to claim it since it is named Loser Fish.

Another blogger with whom I had little opportunity to speak I think his name is Chris, but if you are looking for business technology information, you might want to pay his site a visit.

And finally, shortly before we had to go, TV on the Fritz showed up. Ladies, he is quite adorable but alas is quite young as well. Fritz, you've got a delightful smile. I hope that our paths will cross again sometime soon. I will definitely be paying your blog a visit for some youthful wit and wisdom.

Chris, thanks once again for your hospitality.

well, aren't you sweet?

pleasure making your acquaintance the other nite.

feel free to visit anytime you like...
Hey, I try.
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