Sunday, November 27, 2005


I took several days off from blogging to rest and relax and be with the family.

It was great.

Anyhow, saw Harry Potter over the holidays. This movie left me only wanting to learn more. It was difficult to end on the note it did and then know that I had to wait for a whole year to learn more. There were things that were left unaddressed and I think that is the biggest rub I had with the whole thing. Oh, well, hopefully next year we will learn more.

Anyone else have comments on the film? I've read about how they address the teenage, coming of age thing, and it was entertaining. It was especially entertaining for my two oldest children who are about the same age and going through the same thing.

Have you not read the books? I wondered how someone would react, that had not read the books. I figured it'd be confusing to anyone who had not seen them.
Nope... I submit to you that I am ignorant on that account. Mama Llama has but I have not.
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